For the past weeks, I’ve been poring over the top acoustic guitars that are within my budget. Like I said in my previous post, I’ve been meaning to finally try to play music. I’m making good on that plan — I’ve been comparing my options, and I’m about to buy my first axe. And here, I’d like to share my top picks just in case you’re planning to get one too.

My top 1 pick (which I’ll eventually get) is the Taylor GS Mini. At almost $500, it’s a bit of a stretch for my budget, but still within reason. I would have wanted a Taylor 214c, like I said in my previous post, but it just costs too much. The Fender FA-300CE that I was also eyeing is cheaper, but I want something more compact for travelling.

Among the best acoustic guitars for the money or dollar, the Mini fits me best. Based on what I’ve read, the Mini’s size is somewhere between a dreadnought and a 3/4 acoustic guitar. Also, according to the manufacturer, its shape is called a Grand Symphony (hence the GS). Anyway, what matters is that I am comfortable with it (I already tried one in a store!).

Moving on, my second best pick is the Seagull S6 Original.

I’ve read a bunch of reviews of the S6, and there’s just so much love for it. And judging from the video above, it does sound amazing (like a million bucks, as the old man puts it). I’m not a fan of the headstock though, it’s just too narrow for my liking. But it’s one of the reasons the S6 sounds as good as it does, so I doubt it will change in future iterations. By the way, the S6 is slightly cheaper than the Mini, so that’s a plus.

My last pick is the Fender FA-300CE. Like I said in a previous post, I’m crushing hard on this one.

Fender FA-300CE

To be honest, I liked the FA-300CE because it’s in a package deal that’s very tempting. What kept me from ranking it higher is the lack of information. I can’t find a video of it in action, and there doesn’t seem to be any reviews yet. What I usually encounter are stuffs about the Fender T Bucket 300CE, which I believe is a different model (I’ll appreciate corrections). But I’m certainly hoping that the FA-300CE punches above its $299.99 price.

For my honorable mentions, I decided to choose high end guitars that I fantasize about. I chose two, and as you probably guessed, one of them is the Taylor 214c. The other, meanwhile, is the navy blue Martin OM-ECHF shown at NAMM 2014 (as reported by the San Gabriel Valley Music Magazine). At a price that is so astronomically high ($6999), I doubt that I’ll be able to afford one in my lifetime. But man, it looks so good with that blue hue.

So there you have it, my list of a few rockin’ axes. I can’t hardly wait to play something on it (an Iron Maiden song maybe, just like this guy). Anyway, if you have your own top acoustic guitars too, you can list them in the reply section below.


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