I’ve been a long time music lover now. I only got hooked when I was in high school, but I haven’t broke free from it ever since.

But I realized that I’ve always been at the consumer side of it. Yet, I’ve always imagined myself playing those awesome tunes on my smartphone. And so, after years of listening, I’ve finally decided that it’s time to get heard. I’m getting an acoustic guitar, and I will be the rock star the next time around.

guitar rock star

Time to get heard!

As you probably noticed from my previous posts, I’m a big fan of rock music. Hence, it might seem ironic that I’m getting an acoustic instead of an electric. But I just think that the former would be much friendlier to a complete beginner like me. Also, I like the fact that it could be satisfactorily played anywhere without having the need to plug in. I love hanging out on the beach, and an acoustic would obviously be a more practical companion.

Also, I don’t think I’d be limited in the songs that I could play. Of course, there’ll be no shredding. But even Sweet Child O’ Mine sounds great on acoustic,  as shown by Slash himself (who just had a documentary with Guitar Center and DirecTV). I also saw this video at Guitar Aficionado where Metallica’s Robert Trujillo was playing a classical acoustic guitar. Hetfield then proceeded to create a bad ass riff from what he was playing. You just have to watch the video of it below:

So lately, I’ve been looking at buying guides about the best value acoustic guitars on earth. But I’ll probably delay buying until Christmas, because there might be good deals during the holidays. Even so, I’m already crushing hard on some really cool options. One of which is the Fender FA-300CE Acoustic/Electric Pack which I saw at the website of Song Writing Magazine. Another is the Taylor 214c, which has a nice demo at PrivateGuitar.com.

Speaking of that last website, I will likely be taking lessons to learn how to play the acoustic guitar. I just think it would be faster and more effective than self studying. I probably still have a very long way to go to becoming a rock star. But who knows, if I get decent at it, I might share some of my stuffs here. And I would really appreciate it if you’ll be among the first fans (LOL).


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