My workmate just resigned, and it didn’t went well. He had been having problems with our boss, so I wasn’t surprised anymore. The good thing for him is, he already has a better job waiting. The bad news was that his ongoing projects will be left to us. And he happens to have a lot of them, and he’s leaving in a month.

To put it mildly, our head honcho was distraught. And so, his pep talk wasn’t quite stellar when he gave the work to us. Hence, I had to turn to good old rock and roll music to pump up my spirit. And that’s when I rediscovered Smooth Sailing by Queens Of The Stone Age.

The lyrics and the music video couldn’t have been more timely. Instead of getting energized for work, it got me dreaming of sailing off on a vacation. And it would be a great swan song for my leaving colleague too. Basically, the song says “I don’t care , I’m leaving for something cooler.” To boot, the video shows corporate men getting wild after a business meeting.

I love the swagger attitude of that song. It’s from their album …Like Clockwork, which was actually released last year. But the music video of Smooth Sailing was released only this April. It was directed by Hiro Murai, who also worked on Earl Sweatshirt’s Chum, St. Vincent’s Cheerleader, and David Guetta and Sia’s She Wolf. Nonetheless, Smooth Sailing was already one of the best songs of 2013 for a college radio.

Music Album Cover Art

Because of Smooth Sailing, I ended up looking for more rock and roll swagger. One of my favorite finds is Cowboy by Kid Rock, a major throwback to 1999. Apparently, it’s regarded as a genre bending song of some sort. It is said to be the first mainstream song to mix country music with rap, creating the sub genre called “hick hop”.

Like the song of QOTSA, Cowboy has an arrogant, carefree story. My other finds don’t quite have the same theme in their lyrics. Nonetheless, they sound just as cool. Some of my other picks are the Arctic Monkey’s R U Mine and Muse’s Supermassive Black Hole. If you’d like to suggest some, you could do so in the comments section.


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