I just discovered that Weezer released two new songs, namely Back To The Shack and Cleopatra. They’re off their new album Everything Will Be Alright In The End, which will be out late September or early October.

weezer album art

Back To The Shack sounds like a throwback to 1990s alternative rock, complete with some angst. It’s very much guitar-driven, which is a refreshing break from the disco funk vibe I usually hear today. Cleopatra, on the other hand, starts off like it’s a country song. And then it gets ripped apart by heavy riffs towards the end. In other words, the old Weezer sound is very much back.

All this has inspired me to list my top 3 old Weezer songs. I know it’s not Flashback Friday, but why wait for the weekend to rock out, right?


This song reminds me of summer. Apparently, this isn’t supposed to be included in their third album, but producer Ric Ocasek fought for it. And I glad he did! It went on to be a big hit and the band’s most licensed track. Two music videos were made for the song, one with a Mexican wedding, and the other with Los Angeles wildlife. I prefer the latter, because the song have always been part of my vacation playlist.


Say It Ain’t So is the third and final single from Weezer’s debut back in 1994. I love the relaxed vibe of it’s verse because it’s perfect for my lazy afternoons. And I equally love the heavy chorus, its thickness is something I don’t hear from songs nowadays. This single is said to have been sampled by hip hop artist Asher Roth in his song I Love College  (which refers to West Chester University).


Before there were hashtags, there was Hash Pipe. I love everything about this song: the driving guitar melody, offbeat lyrics, falsetto vocals and specially the “whoa-oh-oh” backup. I love the music video’s uniqueness as well. At around 2 minutes, you’ll see sumo wrestlers shredding some guitars. Then at around 2:27, they also get to belt out the “whoa-oh-oh.” And oh, let me also mention the infamous “impossible bend” at the 2:30 mark.

So there you have it, my top 3 old Weezer songs. It’s great that they sticked to that old sound for their new singles. I also already heard Undeniable, the latest from Better Than Ezra, another 90s band. Although I liked it, it sounds like most current songs, which is different from what I used to hear from them. I certainly hope that more heavier songs get released in the future.


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