My Top Acoustic Guitars

For the past weeks, I’ve been poring over the top acoustic guitars that are within my budget. Like I said in my previous post, I’ve been meaning to finally try to play music. I’m making good on that plan — I’ve been comparing my options, and I’m about to buy my first axe. And here, I’d like to share my top picks just in case you’re planning to get one too.

My top 1 pick (which I’ll eventually get) is the Taylor GS Mini. At almost $500, it’s a bit of a stretch for my budget, but still within reason. I would have wanted a Taylor 214c, like I said in my previous post, but it just costs too much. The Fender FA-300CE that I was also eyeing is cheaper, but I want something more compact for travelling.

Among the best acoustic guitars for the money or dollar, the Mini fits me best. Based on what I’ve read, the Mini’s size is somewhere between a dreadnought and a 3/4 acoustic guitar. Also, according to the manufacturer, its shape is called a Grand Symphony (hence the GS). Anyway, what matters is that I am comfortable with it (I already tried one in a store!).

Moving on, my second best pick is the Seagull S6 Original.

I’ve read a bunch of reviews of the S6, and there’s just so much love for it. And judging from the video above, it does sound amazing (like a million bucks, as the old man puts it). I’m not a fan of the headstock though, it’s just too narrow for my liking. But it’s one of the reasons the S6 sounds as good as it does, so I doubt it will change in future iterations. By the way, the S6 is slightly cheaper than the Mini, so that’s a plus.

My last pick is the Fender FA-300CE. Like I said in a previous post, I’m crushing hard on this one.

Fender FA-300CE

To be honest, I liked the FA-300CE because it’s in a package deal that’s very tempting. What kept me from ranking it higher is the lack of information. I can’t find a video of it in action, and there doesn’t seem to be any reviews yet. What I usually encounter are stuffs about the Fender T Bucket 300CE, which I believe is a different model (I’ll appreciate corrections). But I’m certainly hoping that the FA-300CE punches above its $299.99 price.

For my honorable mentions, I decided to choose high end guitars that I fantasize about. I chose two, and as you probably guessed, one of them is the Taylor 214c. The other, meanwhile, is the navy blue Martin OM-ECHF shown at NAMM 2014 (as reported by the San Gabriel Valley Music Magazine). At a price that is so astronomically high ($6999), I doubt that I’ll be able to afford one in my lifetime. But man, it looks so good with that blue hue.

So there you have it, my list of a few rockin’ axes. I can’t hardly wait to play something on it (an Iron Maiden song maybe, just like this guy). Anyway, if you have your own top acoustic guitars too, you can list them in the reply section below.


Buy a Guitar, Be the Rock Star

I’ve been a long time music lover now. I only got hooked when I was in high school, but I haven’t broke free from it ever since.

But I realized that I’ve always been at the consumer side of it. Yet, I’ve always imagined myself playing those awesome tunes on my smartphone. And so, after years of listening, I’ve finally decided that it’s time to get heard. I’m getting an acoustic guitar, and I will be the rock star the next time around.

guitar rock star

Time to get heard!

As you probably noticed from my previous posts, I’m a big fan of rock music. Hence, it might seem ironic that I’m getting an acoustic instead of an electric. But I just think that the former would be much friendlier to a complete beginner like me. Also, I like the fact that it could be satisfactorily played anywhere without having the need to plug in. I love hanging out on the beach, and an acoustic would obviously be a more practical companion.

Also, I don’t think I’d be limited in the songs that I could play. Of course, there’ll be no shredding. But even Sweet Child O’ Mine sounds great on acoustic,  as shown by Slash himself (who just had a documentary with Guitar Center and DirecTV). I also saw this video at Guitar Aficionado where Metallica’s Robert Trujillo was playing a classical acoustic guitar. Hetfield then proceeded to create a bad ass riff from what he was playing. You just have to watch the video of it below:

So lately, I’ve been looking at buying guides about the best value acoustic guitars on earth. But I’ll probably delay buying until Christmas, because there might be good deals during the holidays. Even so, I’m already crushing hard on some really cool options. One of which is the Fender FA-300CE Acoustic/Electric Pack which I saw at the website of Song Writing Magazine. Another is the Taylor 214c, which has a nice demo at

Speaking of that last website, I will likely be taking lessons to learn how to play the acoustic guitar. I just think it would be faster and more effective than self studying. I probably still have a very long way to go to becoming a rock star. But who knows, if I get decent at it, I might share some of my stuffs here. And I would really appreciate it if you’ll be among the first fans (LOL).

Rock And Roll Swagger

My workmate just resigned, and it didn’t went well. He had been having problems with our boss, so I wasn’t surprised anymore. The good thing for him is, he already has a better job waiting. The bad news was that his ongoing projects will be left to us. And he happens to have a lot of them, and he’s leaving in a month.

To put it mildly, our head honcho was distraught. And so, his pep talk wasn’t quite stellar when he gave the work to us. Hence, I had to turn to good old rock and roll music to pump up my spirit. And that’s when I rediscovered Smooth Sailing by Queens Of The Stone Age.

The lyrics and the music video couldn’t have been more timely. Instead of getting energized for work, it got me dreaming of sailing off on a vacation. And it would be a great swan song for my leaving colleague too. Basically, the song says “I don’t care , I’m leaving for something cooler.” To boot, the video shows corporate men getting wild after a business meeting.

I love the swagger attitude of that song. It’s from their album …Like Clockwork, which was actually released last year. But the music video of Smooth Sailing was released only this April. It was directed by Hiro Murai, who also worked on Earl Sweatshirt’s Chum, St. Vincent’s Cheerleader, and David Guetta and Sia’s She Wolf. Nonetheless, Smooth Sailing was already one of the best songs of 2013 for a college radio.

Music Album Cover Art

Because of Smooth Sailing, I ended up looking for more rock and roll swagger. One of my favorite finds is Cowboy by Kid Rock, a major throwback to 1999. Apparently, it’s regarded as a genre bending song of some sort. It is said to be the first mainstream song to mix country music with rap, creating the sub genre called “hick hop”.

Like the song of QOTSA, Cowboy has an arrogant, carefree story. My other finds don’t quite have the same theme in their lyrics. Nonetheless, they sound just as cool. Some of my other picks are the Arctic Monkey’s R U Mine and Muse’s Supermassive Black Hole. If you’d like to suggest some, you could do so in the comments section.

My Top 3 Weezer Songs

I just discovered that Weezer released two new songs, namely Back To The Shack and Cleopatra. They’re off their new album Everything Will Be Alright In The End, which will be out late September or early October.

weezer album art

Back To The Shack sounds like a throwback to 1990s alternative rock, complete with some angst. It’s very much guitar-driven, which is a refreshing break from the disco funk vibe I usually hear today. Cleopatra, on the other hand, starts off like it’s a country song. And then it gets ripped apart by heavy riffs towards the end. In other words, the old Weezer sound is very much back.

All this has inspired me to list my top 3 old Weezer songs. I know it’s not Flashback Friday, but why wait for the weekend to rock out, right?


This song reminds me of summer. Apparently, this isn’t supposed to be included in their third album, but producer Ric Ocasek fought for it. And I glad he did! It went on to be a big hit and the band’s most licensed track. Two music videos were made for the song, one with a Mexican wedding, and the other with Los Angeles wildlife. I prefer the latter, because the song have always been part of my vacation playlist.


Say It Ain’t So is the third and final single from Weezer’s debut back in 1994. I love the relaxed vibe of it’s verse because it’s perfect for my lazy afternoons. And I equally love the heavy chorus, its thickness is something I don’t hear from songs nowadays. This single is said to have been sampled by hip hop artist Asher Roth in his song I Love College  (which refers to West Chester University).


Before there were hashtags, there was Hash Pipe. I love everything about this song: the driving guitar melody, offbeat lyrics, falsetto vocals and specially the “whoa-oh-oh” backup. I love the music video’s uniqueness as well. At around 2 minutes, you’ll see sumo wrestlers shredding some guitars. Then at around 2:27, they also get to belt out the “whoa-oh-oh.” And oh, let me also mention the infamous “impossible bend” at the 2:30 mark.

So there you have it, my top 3 old Weezer songs. It’s great that they sticked to that old sound for their new singles. I also already heard Undeniable, the latest from Better Than Ezra, another 90s band. Although I liked it, it sounds like most current songs, which is different from what I used to hear from them. I certainly hope that more heavier songs get released in the future.